joris debeij

selected work

current projects

01goodshot tba  feature film

02dreamers tba  short film

03nickerson gardens            photo
04state of silence tba  feature film

past projects

01perfectly normal sxsw film festivalshort film

02designed for commercial

03making it in america sundance film festival
short film

04unseenphoto + film

05training with team USAcommercial

07the bull rider new york timesshort film

08    flying babiescommercial
09    artbound

10tailwhip        short film

black bear pictures - philip westgren
commercial repreverie - cathleen o’conor stern / rich pring

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When we first met, Charles was navigating the complexities of raising his seven young children with his wife, Javena, in a two-bedroom apartment, accompanied by a car perennially on the brink of breaking down. Over the years, Charles dedicated himself to training numerous boxing talents, working at various gyms across the city.

production company
mainland studio
photographer / director
joris debeij
time frame    
2017 - ongoing